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Elizabeth II, Rope Sting Angel Official Video

Rope Sting Angel is about addiction and confusion- wondering why others see good in you while you only see the misery you’ve become in the mirror through what feels like self inflicted mental and physical pain. Overcoming said addiction will lead to what feels like rebirth- a new life. In the video, the main character finds herself dealing with alcoholism. She looses herself to the bottom of the glass, and eventually finds herself dancing with death himself. Eventually, she shatters the unhappy mirror image and glasses that caused her so much suffering, allowing her to start a fresh new life.

Animation by: Sofja Umarik

Animation and color assistants:
Eve Travers
Erica Hodne
Hugo Freire
Julia Shashkina

Song produced and mixed at Bias Studios with Mark Reiter

Catch Elizabeth II live with Peoples Blues of Richmond , Friday November 15 at Pearl Street Warehouse in DC.

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