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Elita “Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid” in Eclectic New Track

The ethereal third single from rising star, Elita, has arrived, complete with metallic synths and otherwordly vocals.

The alternative-pop act have carved their own corner of the internet in recent years, revelling in the celebration of sex-positivism and fairie-like aesthetics. They’ve built a steady following for their elaborate (yet homemade) visuals and an off-kilter string of exuberant, glitchy singles. After a series of songs released since 2018, Elita has become a household name on TikTok and is finally gearing up for their debut album Dynasia, releasing tomorrow.

“She Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid” is a brazen highlight from their forthcoming LP, utilizing its dreamlike production to its full potential. Detailing a hazy trip in the forest, written whilst “try[ing] mushrooms for the first time.” The song descends into a feeling of euphoria after its protagonist narrates: “We’re naked on the ground / The creatures gather round / A mushroom to my right / I smile and take a bite.”

The euphony of synths and harps set the scene of the song: an encounter with a drug-dealing fairy. The creature promises to “make [her] dreams come true”, causing Elita to hallucinate “Petals melt off her skin / My head it starts to spin.” Inspired by Elita’s feeling of “living in a little fairy world,” the group has unleashed yet another electronic-kissed, ornate song to their repertoire.

Its lead singer, named Elita herself, guest starred on Melanie Martinez’s visual album K-12, expanding her band’s audience even wider than ever before. “She Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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