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Eli Lev & Yasmin Williams | I Wonder (Original Guitar Instrumental) | Folk Friday (Episode 25) 

An incredible talent on the acoustic guitar, Yasmin Williams blends finger-style and tapping techniques to share a sound all her own. She plays her song “I Wonder” for this episode of Eli Lev’s Folk Friday Series and shares about her new guitar and upcoming musical goals.

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Janae Daniels is Staying Ready and Versatile with ‘4FOR4’

Beneath the sensual attack of her pop melodies and rapping, Janae Daniels is a DC baby born-and-raised in some of the city’s hallmark musical cultures. With equal roots singing in church choirs and go-go bands, she began developing a distinct personality and rhythm to her musical expression from an early age. And as her prowess began to earn her acclaim, she dug in deeper. Between her go-go roots, the inspiring voices of women in her church choir, and some external influences, Janae has shown up continually with unshakeable presence. Learn more about her latest EP, 4FOR4, with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

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