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Easy Sleeper Kick Off a Dreamy New Music Friday

Easy Sleeper with ties to Washington D.C. leads this week’s New Music Friday with their reverb-friendly chill track, “Dream Prison”.

Joining us this week is another earworm by Crocodylus, a funky new jam by Soul Teller, a selection from the new EP by Pet Owner, as well as a selection from the new EP by Michael Simmons and just one of the 14 songs found on the newest album by The British IBM.  I love the way each of these tracks are able to transport me to a different location or really convert the artist’s emotive intentions. Without further adieu, let’s get listening. Enjoy your weekend!

Easy Sleeper formed as a trio in early 2018 after finding each other via mutual friends in the D.C. indie scene. Brought together by mutual interest, overlapping politics, and love of 90’s indie rock, Easy Sleeper made waves on the East Coast before riding one of those waves to L.A. and cementing their sound as a foursome. If “Dream Prison” and its chill vibes “about being offered every earthly desire and convenience at the expense of long-term satisfaction/fulfillment” form a connection with you then you’ll be looking to make your way to “Actuary”, “Access Reply”,  and “D.T.F.S.” released earlier this year. 

Don’t let the simple acoustic and vocal intro fool you. “Can’t Understand” by Crocodylus is a surf rock track that will eventually land on our Ultimate Indie playlist for its unique blend of classic sounds with modern sensibilities. The second key single from their album, ‘Muscle Memory’ due in November 2022, “Can’t Understand” is preceded by “YOU” and “Unnecessary Pressure” released together earlier this year. Comprised of high school friends Joshua Williams, Stephen Sacco, and Mikel Salvador, Crocodylus is a tour de force, a bad influence shouting you another round of beer, and a damn good time.

If there’s one thing we like to do in the DMV, it’s getting funky. Look no further than the DC Funk Parade for proof. If you’re a fan of Everday Everybody (formerly Aztec Sun), Zen Warship, Strutman Lane, and others, you’re going to enjoy Soul Teller and their latest single, “The Train”. The instrumentation is bold and full. Wah pedal guitar sounds lock tight with drum and bass before the horns kick in and from there things really get wild. Soul Teller’s principal creator, Miguel A. Julian of Spain has been making hits since 1990, writing and leading The Cool Jerks until 1999. Making his way to Europe in 2005, Julian collaborated with one of his old time heroes, Willie Mitchel, The Architect of the Memphis Sound, and in 2007 launched Soul Teller with a 10-track full-length album, ‘Healing with the Feeling’. If “The Train” is your first introduction to this artist, it’s a great time to get on board.

“Hi-Res” is one of our favorite tracks from ‘Natural Behaviour’, the brand new 11-track full length album by Pet Owner. The album is filled with variations of electronic and traditional instrumentation brought together around poetic lyrics. Lea Mathis blends these elements together into what might best be described as folktronica and bubblegum pop. The individual complexities in each song make this the kind of listening experience I prefer in the form of an album and hope you’ll make the time to experience yourself.

‘Happy Traum’, the latest EP by Michael Simmons features songs from the late 90’s Dutch powerpop band Darryl-Ann. “These songs immediately hit me when I heard them and made me feel, well, joyful,” says Simmons, who discovered Darryl-Ann by accident while watching a YouTube video about a vinyl pressing plant. “I’ve been thinking about doing these four songs for a number of years,” he says, “and I really needed to accomplish a summer project that would make me feel good, and this was it.” We personally gravitated toward’s “Everybody’s Cool” but if you find joy in one of the other three songs on the EP we won’t be offended.

The British IBM bring us a celebration song about “California” from the 14-track album ‘Friday Night at the Twitch Bar’. The album is named after the livestream series that Adrian Killens (Aidy) started during the 2020 lockdown with an acoustic guitar before being joined by Scott Wilson on percussion and David Martin on bass for the studio versions. The lyrics incorporate conversations with viewers, and the title track tries explaining some of the inside jokes amongst the group. The band mentions “Regular patron ElectronGreg has a dog named Kit who now has a song of his own and is even featured on the album cover.” It’s inspiring to see the community artists are carving out together with fans from all over the world. Aidy had this to say about the new way of working “This is the way to do it!” Aidy exlclaimes. “Gigging regularly without the hassle of dealing with venues and promoters. You’re not losing money either. Normally once you’ve booked a rehearsal room, changed guitar strings and purchased a beer at a real gig then you’re down. Maybe I’m getting old and cynical but this definitely seems like the way forward.”

Daniel Warren Hill

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