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Dylan Dunlap Took Himself Too “Seriously”

by The Alchemist

Dylan Dunlap is an internationally recognized singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His love for music evolved at a very young age, performing on the streets of his hometown, Los Angeles. Since then, he has honed his own sound, bridging the gap between pop and indie rock. His powerful live show has been taken on the road, touring extensively through North America and Europe, including opening for Howie Day, Juice, and OneRepublic.



When speaking of ‘Seriously’ he says, “ It was without a doubt the most challenging one to write. For three weeks straight, I word vomited what felt like a novel in my Notes app about what I would want to tell myself I was was on my deathbed. Sounds serious, but that’s the irony as my one ‘takeaway’ would be that I probably took things too seriously. My writing process can be so unpredictable sometimes, but that’s the beauty in choosing to believe that the words will come out when they’re ready to. ‘Seriously’ is as transparent and vulnerable as I could possibly be about taking this life’s beautiful people, places, and things for granted.”


As we listened we were immediately drawn in on his impressive vocals. The instrumental portion builds up to the hook which combines a number of instruments to bring an immense amount of emotion. This song is a great track to find inspiration to get through whatever challenges your facing in today’s world. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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