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Dual Sounds: Easy Sleeper Drops Double Single “Going Down / Cold End”

Easy Sleeper -- Going Down / Cold End -- cover artwork -- a watercolor-inspired, overcast landscape featuring a road dimly-lit by streetlights, framed by a sidewalk. telephone lines, and the dark shadows of trees.

Whether you’re looking for an energy booster or a chill ballad, you can find both with indie rock band Easy Sleeper and their latest double single, “Going Down / Cold End.” The songs dropped together on Friday, February 3rd. 

While Easy Sleeper is now based in LA, the band’s journey began in the DMV. The original members — guitarist & vocalist Douglas Guttenberger, bassist & vocalist David Pozanansky, and drummer & producer Alex Lubeck — toured extensively on the East Coast and played shows in D.C., Baltimore, NYC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania before extending their reach to a growing international audience. 

Now joined by guitarist and producer Michael Caddigan, Easy Sleeper’s four-member lineup continues their live performance focus while also working in the studio to compile their discography on major streaming platforms for listeners new and old.

“Going Down,” the first single on the band’s first release of 2023, is one of their longtime live crowd favorites. Upbeat and pop rock-y, the song is a perfect refresher to get people moving.  “Cold End” keeps the chill energy going, but focuses on more harrowing subject matter — the threat of an impending Nuclear Winter. 

“I wrote the lyrics to Cold End after learning about the details of what a Nuclear Winter would entail,” says Lubeck. The psychedelic pop features a calming echo and call-and-response verses and chorus. While very different thematically and sonically, skillful production allows these two songs to fall into each other nicely. 

Fans of the 90’s indie rock sound can find “Going Down / Cold End” and the rest of Easy Sleeper’s discography on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere they listen to music. Find this and more on the Alchemical Records’ Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.

Alchemical Records Contributing Writer Emma Downes

Emma Downes

Emma Downes is a recent graduate of DeSales University in Center Valley, PA, where she studied English and Communication. As a lifelong writer and music lover, she is happy to be incorporating both into her work for Alchemical Records. When she’s not writing, she enjoys getting to know the DMV entertainment scene, drawing, and spending time with her four siblings.  

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