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Drea Went on an Introspective Journey To Write “Circumstances”

by The Alchemist

On September 18, 2020, New York based R&B singer songwriter, Drea, released ”Circumstances,” her second single from her upcoming EP, Ocean Avenue. 

The song features some unforgettable piano chords and an upright bass to create an ominous feel throughout the entire song. Drea’s vocals have a darker feel to them, but they also have an upbringing feel that inspires the listener.

When asking about the song she says the following:

“Circumstances” is an introspective journey about being comfortable with your great moments, and your ugly moments. People are taught to shy away from the evil within and focus only on the good, however both good and evil are equally responsible for shaping us.”

Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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