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Dope Lemon Drops, “Every Day is a Holiday”

by The Alchemist

Dope Lemon is an artist from Australia that combines sounds from 90’s rock, and folk with other elements of indie rock to create an extremely unique style of music. His full name is Angus Stone, known internationally as half of the sibling indie pop duo from Angus and Julia Stone.


Dope Lemon’s Smooth Big Cat Album was a real introduction to the talented artist with notable praise and placements on coveted playlists including Spotify’s New Music Friday. The album is a true reflection of Angus. It’s Dope Lemon squeezed to pure juice, distilled to a nectar fit for the gods, sweet on everyone’s lips. It was recorded over three months at Belafonte, the studio on Angus’ ranch. It’s been three years since his last EP, Hounds Tooth, and a full four years since Honey Bones, Angus’ instant-classic debut, which amassed over 100 million streams. 


Dope Lemon’s newest track is called, “Every Day is a Holiday” and it features Winston Surfshirt. The song is very relaxing, and makes the listener feel as if they are on a beach. This is a great song to listen too with all of the various stressful things going on in the world. Check it out below.  

The Alchemist

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