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Don’t Leave Me in the “DEEP END” says Khi Infinite

by The Alchemist

At just 19 years old, Virginia native, Khi Infinite is a genre-bending artist with sounds that range from R&B and Hip-Hop to Alt-Pop. It is not just his unique blend of sounds and storytelling that set him apart, but his remarkable versatility within his artistry. Infinite’s music draws from a host of musical circles, however, his greatest influences include Mos Def, Andre 3000, and his father, hip-hop producer, Nottz. Infinite’s sound is not only sonically distinct, but developing at an unprecedented rate. From here, with continued dedication to his craft and musical experimentation, the ceiling is indeed, INFINITE. 


After releasing his debut album, “Infinite Everything”, in 2019, Infinite is now gearing up to take the next step in his artist project with the release of his newest album, “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED”, set to drop on November 6th. At the core of “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED”, the majority of records fall under an umbrella of music that would be the result of artists like Kota the Friend or Anderson Paak. singing over a Tame Impala or Rex Orange County production. Infinite has landed upon a certain style of music that has yet to be touched upon before and T.W.Y.N shows glimpses of what could be the start of a new sub-genre of music. “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” is a product of Infinite’s growth, not only as an individual, but as an artist. While listening to the album, you will quickly realize that the Virginia native has matured quite a bit over the past year and truly cultivated his own distinct sound. His singles “LUCY” and “DEEP END” take listeners on a sonically rich journey through a teenager’s love life who is struggling to cope with his addiction to love. His ability to frame these familiar stories in ways that are relatable for listeners while also offering his own stylistic twist, proves his melodic chronicles are worth audiences’ time and attention. Although Infinite’s voice and production choice could be considered unconventional, his storytelling ability proves that he is wise beyond his years. Without hesitation, this album will have listeners thinking “how is this kid only 19” and leave fans only imaging the endless realms of where his project will go in the future. 


Our favorite of his most recent tracks is. “DEEP END”, as he utilizes vocal processing in a way that seems like a combination of Travis Scott, and R&B singer Bryson Tiller. The song’s instrumental portion may be simple, but it gives just the right amount of room for Khi Infinite’s lyrics and unique vocals to stand out. Check out the video below. 

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The Alchemist

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