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Do you Miss Live Music? Check Out Speed of Light Performing, “Kill the Vibe”

The Alchemist

Inspired by everything from 70s Punk to Desert Rock, Speed of Light, siblings aged 13 to 17 from Santa Monica, California, have rocked the SoCal area and beyond with their original sound, carving their own path with no apologies. With elder brother Cameron’s 70s-style guitar riffs, middle brother Tyler’s thundering drums, and youngest sister Riley’s banshee howl, it’s no surprise why they’re becoming local fixtures in the L.A. music scene. With three years of live shows under their belt, they’re finally dropping a crowd favorite, the official single and video for “Kill the Vibe.” The song was recorded and filmed LIVE in a recording studio with a riotous live audience just before COVID put a long pause to live shows. Engrossed in the vivacious energy of playing hard-hitting garage rock with one foot in punk, it’s clear why Speed of Light is one of the reasons why you attend a show in Los Angeles.


In addition to being the house band for Echo Park’s popular “Bands In A Barbershop,” they’ve had a monthly residency at The Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles since 2018, and have played at Nevada’s Alienstock festival outside of Area 51, as well as performed for the Wonderama TV show in New York City. Having just recently performed at the famous Echo Park Rising 2020 virtual music festival, this band is ready to tackle anything else in their way!


They just recently dropped a video for there newest song, “Kill the Vibe” and it has a ton of energy and an immense amount of talent shown in the video. The song was recorded live, with no over-dubs, no re-takes, no double-tracking, nothing at all, and it’s a great taste of that great live music that we miss. Check it out below.  

The Alchemist

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Fortunately, she was both available and interested.

“Something that I personally saw was that [Betty Who] is one of the most pro-LGBT singer-songwriters I’ve ever ever seen perform live,” Renovátes said, adding that the D.C. audiences at her concerts come largely from within the gay community. “So she absolutely knows that we as queer people make up a huge percentage of her fan base.”
The June 10 event is the main draw of a weekend of collaborations between Kinetic Presents and the Capital Pride Alliance in celebration of D.C. Pride 2023. Other big names who will play at various venues around the District include DJs Abel and Cindel, Dan Slater, as well as Jerac and Paulo Fragoso. It’ll be a pride-filled musical weekend indeed, with Echostage, Sax, Bunker and Bliss Nightclub hosting the pulsing sounds of revelry. And there’s also the big parade on June 10.

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