DMV Artists Dayon Greene Drops New Track, “Commas”

by The Alchemist

Dayon Greene is ready for the next level. 

Greene found his love for performing very early on his life, while singing in the choir at his Grandmother’s church on Sunday in the DMV area. Fast forward a few years and a young Dayon could often be found at his father’s side while he gigged in go-gos around the city. Next he learned drums, and soon enough he began his rap career.


Greene’s go-go and gospel roots taught him just as much about the importance of community as it did about rhythm patterns; and he’s carried these lessons with him to this day. It’s no secret that the DMV is full of innovation, but it’s also no secret that there’s been a strong feeling of every-artist-for-themselves amongst the city’s creatives for some time now. There’s no room for this kind of toxicity in Greene’s circle, and that’s why he’s taken it upon himself to change the culture of Chocolate City’s self-absorbed music scene. He knows that the only way to build is to build together, and that’s why Dayon’s so committed to fostering collaborative relationships between all the musicians in our Nation’s Capital. Check out our interview with Dayon Greene below! 


What first got you into music?

A: Growing up in the DMV we have our native music Go-Go. With my dad being a percussionist in Go-Go bands along with an uncle of mine managing Section 8 Mob I was always around music. 


How did you first start developing your career?

A: I actually had a scholarship for soccer to a D2 school out in WV but you know how that goes. College isn’t for everyone, so I moved back home. When I got back I linked with my homie Black X (featured on the album at the end of Life Bid). We were recording in his Mom’s basement on the worst equipment for a while, but that was the spark of me really beginning to record. 


What is the most challenging of your creative process?

A: Being patient enough to let inspiration hit. I’m not an artist who can spin songs up out of thin air. I need to be inspired. 


Any side talents?

A: I can chef it up in the kitchen! 


Who would you most like to collaborate with/what music artist do you most admire?

A: I would most like to collaborate with Pharrell. Him and I would make heat I just know it. And the artist I admire the most is Drake. Drake is just cold and he knows how to make the simplest concepts and ideas sound wavy! 


What is the best advice you have for artists in the very beginning of their career?

A: Trust the process. And I know that’s very cliché but trust it. Record, learn, study and repeat and I promise you will end up with a product you’re proud of. 


What does being from the DMV mean to you? 

A: Everything. There is no place on this planet like the DMV. The rich culture, our history, and our style is unmatched. 


Favorite food spot in the DMV? 

A: Aw man this is hard. Taste Budds in Walker Mill, Oohs and Aahs on U St, White Corner on Southern Ave, and Mike American in Springfield VA! 


What’s next for you?

A: I’m manifesting this album putting me on a tour and allowing me to travel, work with bigger artists/producers and being able to support myself primarily with my music/entrepreneurship. 

His newest song is titled, “Commas” and features another DMV native O-Slice. It has potential to be a DMV anthem as they rap confidently over an extremely catchy instrumental. The hook rings, “I was down on my luck, now I’m up, how Ironic,” making the listener want to stand up and immediately start dancing. This song makes us excited to see Dayon live, once it’s possible with everything going on in the world. Check it out below, and find our more about Dayon Greene here:

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