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DJ Zenas Drops Inspiring New Track, “Breathe”

by The Alchemist

DJ Zenas is much more than just a DJ, he is a jack of all trades. Aside from spinning at many venues across the nation and the globe, he also produces, writes, and performs all of his own music.

Zenas is originally from Denver, CO. He recently moved to Dallas, TX in 2019 to further pursue his music career after linking up with Jon-John Robinson, a well-established R&B producer (with credits including TLC, Jon B, and more), and collaborating with him on multiple projects.


Since moving to Texas, Zenas has also produced several tracks for The Black Sands Soundtrack (a comic series turned animated series) and has continued working on music of his own. This includes his upcoming EP, ZENɅS, which is currently set for release in September. This project will highlight his many other talents and shift the conversation towards who he is as an artist as opposed to as a DJ.


His newest track “Breathe” is an extremely powerful track that features TaiMarie. It talks of racial dilemma’s and civil unrest that’s on everyone’s mind in today’s world. It sings, “We want Justice, we want Peace,” often throughout the track to remind the listener This is a great track for July 4th, as the world comes together to celebrate America, we must also continue to fight the injustices that America is going through. This is a day to celebrate the progress we have made, but not forget that we must not stop the progress towards justice and equality! Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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