DJ Reality Check Won’t Waste No Time

by Daniel Warren Hill

Magic is a word we use to describe ideas that we have no scientific knowledge of. Electronic music was a way we described what approximated a natural instrument but still had that identifiable digital signature. World music is a genre we assign to anything we can’t easily squeeze into the box of our familiar Top-40 musical construct.

What DJ RealityCheck provides us with the new single, “Won’t Waste No Time”, is worldly, electronic, and magical, while not asking to be any one of those things. In many ways it is unassuming with its understated low-frequency vocals repeating the title line of the song. However there is a rhythmic intricacy that leads a listener to wonder why the song ended so quickly even though the track lasts a little more than five minutes. The bass is experienced through conga hits rather than more traditional bass instruments, and it isn’t until halfway through the song that the synth-keys are introduced. The result is that the listener is constantly engaged while the song continues to build, and when it is over you are going to want it to start right up again.

For those reasons we are honored to be able to premier this track for you with a short sample of what you can expect when “Won’t Waste No Time” drops on April 30, 2019. You can pre-save this song to your Spotify, or pre-order on iTunes Music and Apple Music here:

Alchemical Records is excited to offer the song in its entirety a full week before release, available exclusively on our streaming station, AiR.

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Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is a songwriter, producer, and performer. He currently rocks guitar and vocals for Alt/Rock band YellowTieGuy, Produces, sings and mixes live video for Data Recovery Project, and lends his talents to Beach Boys Tribute Band “Back To The Beach”. When not performing, Daniel is actively engaged in family activities with his wife, two daughters, roommate,and dog. Daniel enjoys exploring creative and business outlets, spending time in nature, and is currently addicted to Star Trek Timelines.

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