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Discrete Drops, “Stupid Things”

by The Alchemist

It has been quite the year for the electropop connoisseur Discrete; whose passion and creativity for dance music has guided him into becoming the multi-talented producer that he is today. Fusing pop with dance influences, the Swedish artist released his debut EP ‘EXPLORE’ on June 26th, 2020.


With his own impressive catalogue of music hitting over 65 million plays across all platforms, Discrete is already making waves across the electronic music scene. Having produced songs for many artists across the board, Discrete has been able to experiment and perfect his own craft in a way that allows him to be capable of just about anything. He tells us: “As an artist, I always aim for growth, and want to stay away from focusing on one particular genre. People have always told me to ‘find my sound’ which is something that I like to keep in mind. I like the thought of my audience not knowing what to expect when I release music.”

He just recently released a new track that I definitely was not ready for. Intertwined with pulsating synths, catchy hooks and flawless vocals, feel-good summer jam ‘Stupid Things’ featuring Neville explores the desire to love and be daring with someone. Having sent a demo to Neville and her producer, who completed the track with her stunning vocals; the production behind ‘Stupid Things’ differed to anything that Discrete has ever done before. For what was once an instrumental number, quickly became a remarkable dreamy anthem.


As I listened to Stupid Things I was reminded of some amazing Summer memories, which are always the best. The world is starting to open back up again (hopefully), and this is a great song to start some parties in the near future. Take a listen below, but try to make sure it doesn’t inspire you to do something “too stupid.”

The Alchemist

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