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Dior Ashley Brown – The Pinnacle of DC Music on Alchemicast

Without a doubt, Dior Ashley Brown is one of Washington D.C.’s driving creative forces. Her accomplishments as a solo artist alone would not be enough to cover in one episode of Alchemicast: with Andy Reed. However, this member of DC area super group, Iza Flo, is also the founder of local music business education platform, DC Music Summit, a local nonprofit hosting an annual event put together by an incredible team of volunteers and hoping to offer more value to DMV musicians in 2021. We’ll do our best to provide a sample of Dior’s overlapping interests in the worlds of music, business, and community.

Join this multifaceted artist and entrepreneur as she discusses influences, Hollywood, food, Nipsey Hussle, why she prefers wine over beer, how some indoor concert venues have been opening up their parking lots for outdoor events to keep business alive, and so much more…including another installment of “This or That?” Tune in as she so beautifully describes what it is like to be an artist and represent the DMV area.

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Featured Song: “Delivery” by Dior Ashley Brown

Dior Ashley Brown on Alchemicast – The Pinnace of DC Music
Hosted by Andy Reed
Produced by Daniel Warren Hill
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Warren Hill

Intro/Outro Music: “Dreaming” by YellowTieGuy
(Hill/Schmitt. Endurance Match. ASCAP. 2016)

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