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Dennis Lloyd is Feeling Like an “Alien”

Multi-platinum international artist Dennis Lloyd shares the animated video for his new single, “Alien” that was released last Friday via Arista Records. “Alien” is the first track off his forthcoming debut album.


Directed by Yoav Aluf at Plonter Animation Studios, the video tells a story about an alien who crashes on earth and meets a young boy who helps him search for his lost dog. Despite the alien initially being reluctant to trust the boy, the two form a strong bond throughout their journey together. The video’s message is that regardless of our backgrounds, we’re all looking for the same things in life: to feel loved, safe and to have a place we can call home.


This video brings a ton of emotion from beginning to end, and helps the listener remember just how important home is to them (wherever that may be). Dennis’ video has been one of the most unique animated videos we’ve seen since covid-19 has taken its toll. Check it out below, and find out more about Dennis here:


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