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DC Music Summit Uplifts Creatives and Develops Personal Connections

Don’t miss out on the uplifting experience for artists and music industry professionals that is DC Music Summit, taking place Oct 14-16 at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Join Daniel Warren Hill as he dives into the personal impact of DCMS with creative consultant Malachi Robinson and DCMS founder Dior Ashley Brown.

Malachi Robinson is the founder of Point Black Creative, a creative agency with a focus on artist development and media production. He also brings his experience to Creative Suitland, and DC Music Summit, and contributes to DC Music Summit founder Dior Ashley Brown’s own creative team. Robinson’s full-circle story is one that truly describes the place where preparation and opportunity meet. Before arriving where he is now, his educational background in entertainment and music management combined with his experience directing and producing independent films caught the attention of Dior Ashley Brown. The rest, as they say, is history, but it is still one in the making.

Malachi: “May 20, 21. That’s when I got asked to be on the panel for DC Music Summit. Industry, I think, was industry, music, industry, A-Z. I was on that panel with a few other industry folks, and that, one being asked. Dior, [and DJ] freestyle connected with me got my information, wanted me, and wanted me to be on the panel.”

“I was already, like, humbled. Like what? I haven’t done anything like a year and a half. Like what is my resumé in terms of getting this connection? I was just, like, kind of confused about that. But then I got on the panel and the conversations that kept coming up. I’m just like, Light bulb. Light bulb. Light bulb. Light bulb.” 

“Like the whole, whole time. I’m just, like, melting in my seat. I’m just like, Yo, how am I in the space with all these amazing. You know, I think EZ Street was on there. I want to say Debórah Bond was on that one. I think Tamara Wellons was on another one. So it was like all these like heavy hitters in the DC music world.”

“I’m like in the same virtual room with them and after that call, like, I literally was just like on the floor, like, what? What, what, what’s what just happened? Ever since that panel moment, I felt like everything was kind of, like, silent for the most part, business-wise. And then once I had that moment on the panel and I just told Dior this just this past Sunday, that’s when everything changed.”

“There was like literally the second after I closed that zoom. It’s like everything kind of just took off from there and it’s just in a good way. It’s been kind of like nonstop since then.”

DC Music Summit, taking place at Duke Ellington School of the Arts October 14-16 is an annual event that yields long-term relationships and opportunities for artists within and around the greater D.C. Metropolitan area. Having been invited to be a part of a previous DC Music Summit event myself, I can personally attest to the awakening that being a part of the event can result in. It’s also incredibly meaningful to be recognized for your previous contributions to the local community. Without a doubt, the ability for regional artists and professionals to connect with one another and the resulting opportunities are the highlights of the event for founder Dior Ashley Brown.

Dior: “You know what? It’s a blessing to hear that story, which you just said over and over again. When people tell me they’ve gotten a gig or they, they met a team member, or that guy filmed my, my performance or, Oh yeah, I called that PR person, or I’m working with all of that. I mean, it is amazing when I hear that I’ve been hearing that throughout the year.”

“So if I don’t do anything right, that part right there, that people are connected, that there are resources. That is what I’m hopeful that people get out of. DC Music Summit. Connection, community building.”

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Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is an American musician, writer, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the frontman for Washington DC area Alternative Rock band YellowTieGuy, as co-founder of Capitol Groove Collective, and increasing the exposure of artists on a global scale through his work with Alchemical Records. 

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