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DC Music Rocks Festival 2018 – Live at 9:30 Club

Hey everybody, we made a movie!

Click on the link to see the 2018 DC Music Rocks Festival, recorded live at 9:30 Club and produced by Arlington Independent Media!

The special features the following incredible DC-area performers: Allthebestkids, Black Dog Prowl, Fellowcraft, Justin Shapiro Music, Kid Brother, Maryjo Mattea, and Pebble to Pearl!

An enormous thank you to Brian Nelson-Palmer for giving me the opportunity to produce such an amazing event.

The fantastic audio is courtesy of Mark Reiter and BIAS Studios.

We lucked out in having an awesome crew. Charles D. Smith did a fantastic job directing (as did Aislyn Rivera), and Jason Edwards, Aylin Gencturk, David Lampp, Herbert McNair, Michael Osborne, Kim Phillip, Kristin Richards, Craig Syphax, Kerby Valladares, and TL Wilson all did a wonderful job as operators.

And a HUGE thank you to Aislyn and TL for editing this with me. I would have been lost without you.

And an equally HUGE thank you to Patrick McCleary of AIM, who guided me through the entire process beginning to end. The work he does with AIM in supporting all of their producers in truly invaluable.

I’m really proud of this movie, but moreover I’m really proud of our scene. DC has one of the most diverse and talented scenes in the world, as well as one of the best venues in the country, and I’m so excited to help shine a light on it.


PS – FYI all the songs in the movie have their own YouTube video as well, so feel free to watch the whole thing, then re-watch your favorites!

Michael J. West

Michael J. West is a freelance writer, editor, and jazz journalist who has been covering the Washington, D.C. jazz scene since 2009. He spends most days either hunkered down in the clubs or in his very big headphones. He lives in Washington with his wife and two children.

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