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DC Guitarists Get Their Due in Anacostia Delta

One September evening at the Birchmere Music Hall in 2015, thirty of DC’s finest
musicians gathered to celebrate their heroes and display the virtuosic, genre-
blending music they proudly call their own. In the center of the stage stood a Fender
Telecaster, which was Gatton’s signature instrument. As the undisputed master of
this music, Gatton would blend jazz, blues, country, swing, rock, and
bluegrass—sometimes in the same solo. He grew up in Anacostia, and gave his
neighborhood’s name to this musical culture unique to DC—The Anacostia Delta.

This brand new documentary celebrating a music unique to Washington, D.C. and championed by the late Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan will is available now on DVD and digital download at

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