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Davon Israel Drops, “Tennis”

by The Alchemist

Davon Israel is an African American musician, writer, designer, and artist from Arlington, Virginia.

His newest track is called, “Tennis” and it is the second single release after his debut EP, “An Ode to A Sinner.” As we listened to “Tennis” we got Summertime vibes, that reminded us of better times, when it wasn’t quarantine and there were barbeques, and many large gatherings. Israel says, “Tennis is a summertime indie song joyfully describing the psyche fluctuations we all too often find ourselves in after leaving someone that we still share a connection to.” The song pairs Isreal’s melodic crooning with an upbeat guitar riff, as he compares his relationships to Tennis matches, where he and his lover are going “back and forth” between happiness for one’s connection and moroseness for what it could/used to be. We think this track is great for family gatherings, and just any fun get-together! Check out the track below. 

The Alchemist

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