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Darro’s “Undefined” One Of Many Songs of Recovery

Alternative Rock songwriter and guitarist, Darro’s “Undefined” is the latest single from his brand new album Songs of Recovery. Darro’s battle with a brain tumor and subsequent recovery inspired Darro to write music dealing with the diagnosis and rehabilitation process in a very real way, while also creating a strong connection with fans who can easily relate to the coming-of-age metaphors Darro uses to explore concepts like adolescence, control, and self-discovery.

Darro’s music integrates anthemic elements from bands like Paramore and My Chemical Romance blended with expressive guitar work influenced by guitarists such as John Mayer and Steve Vai. Darro’s story, told with musical prowess and thoughtful lyrical composition has made him an inspirational figure for all his fans and has garnered critical acclaim as well. The video for “You’re Not Insane” (also appearing on Songs of Recovery) was featured on Billboard, and is a prime example of the success that has come with the honest exploration of his own struggles using catchy melodies, pop-rock rhythms, and a charismatic personality.

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Soft Punch - Above Water album art: A painting of a pond and two dogs embracing overlaying it, one wearing green pants.

Stay Afloat with Soft Punch — Above Water

Soft Punch, aka Rye Thomas, of Washington D.C. released his debut album, Above Water on September 15th, after years of working on it.
The album is a labor of love that Soft Punch, the stage name of Rye Thomas, has been working on for years since the diagnosis of his chronic illness. It takes you through the highs and lows, mourning the freedom lost, and celebrating the things that he is grateful for in his day to day life. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his process of writing the album.

The titles of albums are the first thing that an artist sees. That, and the artist’s name. When I first heard the name ‘Soft Punch’, I was intrigued. It was gentle but intentional. “I don’t know if I had a specific ‘A-ha, Lightbulb’ moment, but I was interested in words that sound good together and have multiple meanings,” Thomas said. “It’s a gentle hit, and a nonalcoholic punch. It’s the image of something harsh and something soft is interesting to me. I think I lucked out.”

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