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Danielle Dayton and OBLVYN ‘Can’t Lose You’

By Jaci Jedrych

Alberta-based female artists Danielle Dayton and OBLVYN released their newest collaboration, “I Can’t Lose You (OBLVYN Remix),” remixing Dayton’s dark pop ballad, as a danceable, melodic bass track.

Danielle Dayton’s origins in the music industry are far from typical. Starting as a tap dancer, her movement experience has shaped her songwriting and relationship with music, rhythm, and story. The influence of dance is evident in her music. The original version of “I Can’t Lose You” is a soulful ballad that paints a picture and tells a visual story, a clear line of delineation from her dance experience.

OBLVYN’s began her musical journey at age 5 with training in classical piano, later becoming a guitarist in a pop punk band, and finishing post-secondary with a degree in jazz and pop music.

The remix is a crunchy, danceable beat, with melodic bass underlying it.

Fans of ODESZA or ROZES should check out this remix. Follow our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist for more great music featured on the site.

Jaci Jedrych

Jaci Jedrych is a World Politics student at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She loves going to concerts and exploring different genres, and has a passion for arts and news writing.

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