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Daniel Warren Hill – Start With Why

The Alchemist

Episode #0 of the Alchemicast Podcast with Andy Reed features the owner of Alchemical Records, Daniel Warren Hill, who is also frontman for Washington D.C. area “discount super group,” YellowTieGuy, or YTG for short. Daniel discusses his role in Alchemical Records and the evolution of the vision to promote the music of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia within a global context. Andy asks Daniel to talk a little about what fans should expect on the horizon for YellowTieguy, and what fans can do to help support artists during the unprecedented circumstances facing musicians during this time.

Featured track: “Misery” by YellowTieGuy

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Hosted by Andy Reed
Produced by Daniel Warren Hill
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Warren Hill

Intro/Outro Music: “Dreaming” by YellowTieGuy
(Hill/Schmitt. Endurance Match. ASCAP. 2016)

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Any/All media used with the express permission of the respective rights holder.

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The Alchemist

Alchemical Records is your source for music in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and wordwide! Visit us on your favorite social media site and tell us how Alchemical Records helps you discover and stay current with great artists.

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