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Daniel Cohen Shines in “Star People”

In his fifth single since debuting as an artist in 2022, Daniel Cohen reveals what is perhaps his most pop-driven track yet, “Star People,” a reimagining of a track inspired by George Michael.

Daniel Cohen - Star People - album art depicting a photo of a large tall building made out of glass, shot from below.
Daniel Cohen - Star People - album art

Complete with mentions of aliens, radio broadcast snippets, electronic melodies, “Star People” is an immersive interplanetary experience releasing just in time to ride the synth wave the people of earth are experiencing in their renewed interested in UFOs, UAPs, and all things otherworldly.

It’s a little more fun than the X-Files, and a little less dramatic than Roswell. “Star People” is a little more inviting with a definite “take me to your leader” vibe, but something you can, and will, dance to.

Writing and arranging all his own music, Daniel Cohen began his music career with the rock band WEB during his teens. He then became an independent producer for U.S. and Swedish rock bands while co-writing ‘Men of the Sea’ for the Volvo Ocean Race in 2009.

Cohen shines in “Star People” as brightly as he shone in “Kevin Costner,” about ‘the greatest gift’ the Hollywood actor could have given the Irish musician, and in “Chain Reaction” as he takes on the classic Diana Ross track. His music is authentic, and personable, and leaves listeners with a positive and fun experience.

“Star People” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Daniel Warren Hill

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