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Dance Along at ZAPATEO

The ZAPATEO festival brings music back to Earth with a camping extravaganza.

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When you look up the word zapateo, the first few results are videos of people dancing. They dance in a way that uses their body, their feet, as percussion. It loudly claims the dancer’s control over who they are. The repetitive and artful connection of the foot to the ground emphasizes the connection of the human spirit to the Earth, and the freedom that connection invokes. It is in that freedom where the heart of the festival lies. 

ZAPATEO is a celebration of the energy and movement our bodies are capable of producing. Music, and the movement it summons, is intertwined with humanity, and it always has been. This weekend-long event is dedicated to the intrinsic connection between nature, music, and the primal way we enjoy both. It’s in our bones to play music, and it’s in our bones to dance to it.

From September 1st through 3rd, ZAPATEO invites you to join them in the woods of Highview, West Virginia, just 2 hours outside of DC. Set up camp in your own tent or rent a cabin for an additional fee, and truly immerse yourself in nature, and spend the nights listening to music at any of the four stages. The line-up ranges from electronic to punk to soul, with 30 or more DJs and at least 5 bands. There’s a cap of 500 attendees for this initial run of the festival, so get your tickets here while you still can! 

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Percy Sampson

Percy Sampson, New Orleans born and Virginia bred, is finishing up their time at University of Mary Washington, where they are double majoring in English and Theatre. A passionate writer, they spend most of their free time working on (mostly horror) scripts and short stories.

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