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D.C. Band Broke Royals is “The Goldbrick Champion”

The Alchemist

Broke Royals is rewriting doubts. Turning negative self-talk into positive affirmations. Hokey as it sounds, the band was willing to try anything after the world, and their income stream, came to a grinding halt this year. 


Their newest song is called, “Goldbrick Champion” which features Bartrees Strange. It includes some very calming guitar and the song overall stands out in its vocals and lyricism the most in our opinion. It has a bridge right at the 2:23 mark that really makes the song as well! On “Goldbrick Champion,” the band is exalting its weaknesses to the tune of an 80’s-inspired slacker anthem. Propelled by a drum machine and an infectious bass groove, the DC band is spinning their insecurities into pop-rock gold.


Fellow DC-musician Bartees Strange joins Broke Royals and continues his genre-defying 2020 streak. Strange sings “1 hand up if you’re overwhelmed, 2 hands up if you’re overwhelmed” to an imaginary audience as music venues around the world sit boarded up – potentially for good. Laugh to keep from crying. “Goldbrick Champion” is not a manifesto to live by but rather a shot in the arm in the darkest hour. If only for a few minutes, Broke Royals and Bartees Strange are reveling in the life of a Goldbrick Champion.


Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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