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D.C. Artist The Long Defeat Drops, “The Desert”

by The Alchemist

After more than a decade of playing in local bands, writing music, and touring both regionally and internationally, DC based singer/songwriter Philip Washington began a new journey; he called it The Long Defeat. “This project is so different from anything I’ve been involved with before; mainly because of the freedom. I’m just writing whatever I want to, I’m not thinking about genres or trying to fit any particular image. I’m just telling my stories, however they come out.” All of The Long Defeat’s music is written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Washington, who says he thinks of The Long Defeat “…almost as more of my own personal record label than just my artist name.” In January 2020, The Long Defeat released the idealistic anthem “I.K.I.N.T.O.O.” as the first in a series of songs titled “The Hero’s Journey”, which gives a fantastical take on Washington’s own spiritual journey. His newest single, “The Desert”, continues the story, recounting Washington’s search for God, meaning, and answers to life’s questions, all while delivering strong energy, addictive hooks, reflective lyrics, and key changes. Lots of key changes.

His newest song is called, “The Desert” and it is filled with emotion from beginning to end. It has a number of exciting instrumental pieces of it, that is complemented with his amazing vocals. This song inspired us to want to go an adventure directly after hearing it! Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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