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Cynthia Angelica: “Made Of” Empowers Listeners to Be Fearless

Maryland-based, WAMMIE award-winning, spiritual pop artist, Cynthia Angelica reminds people to face their insecurities and doubts, and show the world what they are “Made Of” in her newest empowerment anthem.

Cynthia Angelica "Made Of" album art

“Made Of” is Cynthia’s fifth single which is featured on her debut album, “Fears and Dreams’. It is a soothing and empowering song that will give you chills and inspire you to stand up for yourself when you feel like you cannot.

Cynthia explains that the song “is meant to challenge individuals everywhere to tap into their inner fire and rise above anyone or anything that tries to bring you down.” It’s a message that she wants to spread across her audience to give them positivity and a reason to believe in themselves.

She started writing the single, “during the unraveling of a relationship.” And says, “Somehow during my creative process, the song essentially rewrote itself and transformed into an empowerment anthem, resulting in something much different and more powerful than I had envisioned originally.” Meaning that the finishing product of the song is better than she expected it to be.

By the end of the song, her message to her audience is that her ability to stand up for herself and show the world what she’s made of is far more powerful than looking at the doubts and fears she had from listening to other people’s comments.

Check out the lyric video for, “Made Of,” here.

“Made Of” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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Katherine Chung

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