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CRRNT will Make You Move with “Get To Me”

By Charlie Maybee

Kansas City based rapper, singer, producer, and DJ, CRRNT, is shifting gears with his first dance track single “Get To Me” featuring vocals by both CA$H CAM and Ruby Moon.

“’Get To Me’ is a love ballad encompassing a hopeless romantic looking for a connection in a world that seems empty of true connection. CRRNT writes about the lyrical inspiration. As he figures out how to maintain connections and not let go as he faces his fear of rejection, he finds himself taking a stand in a world that once discouraged him.

With plenty of bass and percussion to keep you captivated and grooving, the track manages a certain level of introspective trance that gets released through the catharsis of dance. It moves between ethereal moments where the bass tones feel fluid, spacious, and full of life and drops into more direct drive towards a realization, or moment of clarity.

At the very end, there is a rhythmic shift where a tremolo-heavy synthesizer takes over as the lead breaking up the previous musical foundation. The song feels like it starts to transform, which is, perhaps, a way to represent the way that rhythmic shifts can give way to immense change in a short amount of time. Like CRRNT you may find yourself in a state of flux and a moment may arise where you must choose whether to let the music take you to a new state of mind or stay in the trance that’s already been established.

“Get To Me” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Find this and more great music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.CRRNT

Charlie Maybee

Charlie Maybee is a dancer, musician, educator, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina who currently teaches with the Dance Program at the College of Charleston. His primary work as an artist is with his performing collective, Polymath Performance Project, through which he makes interdisciplinary performance art that centers tap dance as the primary medium of expression and research. He also currently plays rhythm guitar for the Charleston-based punk band, Anergy, and releases music as a solo artist under the name Nox Eterna.

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