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Crown Lands is Doing The “Sun Dance”

Winners of the 2017 97.7 HTZ FM Rocksearch (Past Winners – Finger Eleven, The Glorious Sons, Monster Truck), Crown Lands recently recorded their sophomore EP, entitled Rise Over Run, released September 8th, 2017. Their unique blend of late 70’s prog-rock and early 70’s psych-rock reminiscent of bands like Rush and Led Zeppelin is a must listen for fans of rock n’ roll.


“Blistering guitars, pummelling drums and dramatic manmade growls. Crown Lands aim to bring classic psych-rock into the modern musical landscape, serving up an intoxicating blend of crunch blues-rock riffs and howling vocals” – Exclaim!


Crown Lands possess chemistry on stage that rarely happens. They are known for their dynamic live show and incredibly full sound, owed to their exhaustive multi-tasking. Cody Bowles drums & sings, while Kevin Comeau plays guitar and plays keyboards with his feet.


“If you haven’t heard of Crown Lands, you will” – Alan Cross


Their newest track is called, “Sun Dance” and it is an inspiring song that will make you think about what’s gone on in your life. We love the combination of guitar and vocals. The video features some amazing images of nature. Check out the track below.

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