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Crack The Sky Celebrates Their 20th Album “From The Wood”

The West Virginia-bred band, released their 20th album, “From the Wood”, back in June and are now taking it on a tour of the East Coast.

Crack The Sky stands against a black background in suits.
L to R: Bobby Hird, Dave DeMarco, Joey D'Amico, John Palumbo, Rick Witkowski, Glenn Workman - Photo of Crack The Sky courtesy of Rei Peri.

In every sense of the word, it is stripped back. Most of the songs are acoustic, with strong guitar leads and raw vocals. But on top of that, the album is an exposé on the bands’ thoughts. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” covers the tragedy of teen suicide as it explores the death of a teenage boy. “Heart of the Lion” is a support call for the people of Ukraine, meant to remind them that they are not alone as they fight through life. My personal favorite track, “Fun in Isolation”, is an anarchical plea for isolation. In a post-COVID world, when everyone one of us has been forced into isolation, this cry is a lot louder than it would have been a few years ago. To be so upset with everything that the isolation is something you could not only willingly, but also gleefully, return to really calls out the disaster of the world.

Crack The Sky performing on a stage.
Crack The Sky performing on stage - Courtesy of Rhonda Hofler.

Listening to this album brought me back to when I was younger, sitting through the long car rides my family and I would take through the Appalachia. They somehow hold the nostalgia of their beginning years while also carrying a new take on their sound. For fans of The Radiators or Loyal Öyster Cult, give Crack The Sky a listen.

The band, composed of lead vocalist John Palumbo, guitarists Rick Witkowski and Bobby Hird, drummer Joey D’Amico, keyboardist Glenn Workman, and bassist Dave DeMarco, are in the beginning stages of their East Coast tour. You can see them right here in the DMV area at Rams Head Onstage either November 3rd, 4th, or 5th. The show on the 5th is an all-ages Matinee. Later in November, they will be performing at State Theater of Havre de Grace on the 24th. Finally, they will have one more Maryland show at Club 66 on January 13th. You can join them in The Wood by getting your tickets here.

From The Wood and “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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