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Color Palette Chills Out In “Clear Water Blue”

By Jaci Jedrych

Summer in the DMV is hot, lush, and full of lazy afternoons. If you’re looking for the perfect mid-afternoon track to lay out and lounge in the sun, check out Color Palette’s new single “Clear Water Blue.”

Washington, D.C.- based Color Palette released their first album “Vaporwave” in 2016. Since then, they have released another album and a number of singles to growing acclaim. Color Palette has garnered much success, performing alongside the likes of Charli XCX and earning features with ESPN, MTV, Vimeo, Volvo, Aeropostale, and Monster Energy. Their EP is scheduled for summer 2021. 

“Clear Water Blue” creates a shimmering auditory landscape by utilizing many layers of guitar and keyboard alongside dreamy vocals. It evokes the conditions under which it was written; the song was inspired by time spent in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula in August 2020. The late summer sound coupled with escapist lyrics offers listeners a calm refuge from the hecticness of normal life.

The fresh summer single “Clear Water Blue” by Color Palette is the dreamy pop track of the summer.

This track has been added to our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist. Check it out!

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Jaci Jedrych

Jaci Jedrych is a World Politics student at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She loves going to concerts and exploring different genres, and has a passion for arts and news writing.

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