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Colin Macleod Points Out “Warning Signs”

Just three days after his single “Old Soul” was named as Clash’s ‘Track of the Day,’ Colin Macleod shares his brand new track “Warning Signs.” The two songs preview his upcoming second album Hold Fast, which will be released on January 29, 2021 via SO Recordings (Pre-Save/Pre-Order Here). “Warning Signs” is a story that remains unchanged with each passing generation. Getting stuck into a drinking session is all well and good. Or at least it is until a throbbing head and dry throat wakes you from your slumber and ignites a terrible fear of what happened in those missing hours.

“You don’t really remember what happened, but you know it wasn’t good,” says Colin. “You wake up in the morning and the alarm bells are ringing.” Hear for yourself and follow along with the “Warning Signs” lyric video below.

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