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Cody Lawless Delivers Smooth Pop in the Spirit of “Grace”

British Columbia-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, Cody Lawless finds “Grace” in latest single and music video.

Cody Lawless - Sunshine State of a Happy Camper album art
Cody Lawless - Sunshine State of a Happy Camper album art

With rhythm guitar reminiscent of Nile Rodgers and the Daft Punk “Get Lucky” sensation fused with deep bass and in the pocket drums, “Grace” is a song that is musically dynamic, lighthearted, and endearing. Cody’s falsetto vocals provide an additional lifting effect that really drives home the affection and admiration for the subject of the song.

“‘Grace’ is a story about my actual friend Grace. The closest I have ever been to being in love. It’s the story about fantasizing about someone else. I wrote this song after having broken up with my ex-girlfriend and meeting grace for the first time. One of the three songs on this album that I produced myself. Very simple three track production. Guitar, bass, drums. The lyrics allude to a sense of excitement, feeling crazy for feeling for someone so deeply.”

“Grace” is reported to be the final visual enhancement of Cody Lawless’ new album, Sunshine State of a Happy Camper, available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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