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Cobra Man are Dancing on “Thin Ice” in New Single from Upcoming EP

The promising duo are back with a glittering new cut taken from their forthcoming EP New Paradise I, out May 20. Cobra Man performs at the 9:30 Club on May 14. 

Cobra Man press photo

Cobra Man are Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne, who claim that “Los Angeles Power Disco didn’t exist” before their formation, “and now it’s here to stay.” Their work spans a multitude of subgenres, whilst still being rooted in infectious disco made for the roller rink. They aim to present the “celebratory decadence of funk, street punk, and the b-movie splatter films that once filled video stores” in their discography.

Cobra Man evolve their signature sound on the first taste of their next project, smashing together different musical influences into their distinct lane of off-kilter dance music. Classic 80’s horror score motifs are coupled with nu-metal to create “Thin Ice.” The duo party through hell, evoking the campy stylings of the decade with intentionally vague and threatening lyrics. Cobra Man narrate an epic test of strength: “You want the world to know / That you’re invincible / You’d rather break before you bend”. The two act as fates, warning the protagonist: “Cuz if you want number one you roll the dice / But if things start heating up you’ll pay the price.” Synths and married with guitars to harken back to an era obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons.

Cobra Man’s unique approach to the disco revival Is refreshing, given the recent prevalence of straightforward 80’s nostalgia in mainstream music. They keep their work “devoid of self-conscious pretension,” and champion the reworking of the varied sounds of the past above all else. The band do not beg to be taken seriously by the critical world, but implore you to ignore the noise and let loose.

“Thin Ice” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

See Cobra Man with Starbenders, Stolen Nova at the 9:30 Club on Sunday, May 14.

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Cameron Landry

Cameron Landry is a former journalism student at The George Washington University, and a current writer for Alchemical Records. He’s shared a passion for music journalism for several years, and focused much of his reporting as an undergraduate on how independent music venues have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Based in Washington, DC, Cameron can often be found at local concerts (and record stores!) in the district.

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