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Citizen Cope Comes Back Home to the Lincoln

by Kimberley Shires DMV welcomes Washington D.C. native, Citizen Cope, back to his home turf. Grab your tickets for the April 17 show at the Lincoln Theater. One dollar from each ticket purchased will go towards the purchase of musical instruments for students under the Turnaround Arts Program set up by former President Obama‚ President‚ Committee on the Arts and Humanities. The program aims to use arts education to help students succeed.

Citizen Cope is currently on tour promoting album, Heroin and Helicopters, which was released on March 1, 2019.

The last time we heard from Citizen Cope, a.k.a. Clarence Greenwood, was in 2012 with his album, One Lovely Day. The wait is over. Cope returned with his his seventh studio album, which was released under his own label RainWater Recordings, in partnership with Thirty Tigers.

This album‚ title Heroin and Helicopters, was inspired after Cope received some sage advice from Carlos Santana. Reportedly Santana said, ‘Whatever you do, watch out for the two H’s — heroin and helicopters. They don’t go well with musicians’. The statement resonated with Cope.

Fortunately, we have even more to look forward to. Citizen Cope recorded a double album. The second half will be released in short order.

Cope got his start in the music industry here in Washington D.C. Cope returned to D.C. to record some of his tracks for his current album, despite his home base now being split between Los Angeles and New York City. The track “Justice” was recorded at Central Recordings in Washington D.C. Central Recordings is the same studio where Cope recorded his previous hits, “Bullet And A Target” and “Son’s Gonna Rise.”

Hope to see you at the show!


Kimberly Shires

Kimberly Shires is a native of the DC Metropolitan area. Kimberly is a freelance writer, music degree holder, road bike warrior, songwriter, corporate ladder climber, and a Subaru driving nature enthusiast.

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