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Chow Mane and Dane Amar Get Abducted by Aliens in New Music Video for “What’s My Name?”

Bay area’s Chow Mane goes through an intergalactic horror story with Dane Amar in his new video for the single “WHAT’S MY NAME”. The music video follows the rapper and producer as he gets abducted by and subsequently parties with space aliens. This is Chow Mane’s first single since his collaboration EP with Pablo Cezanne, CHOW & PABLO’S SWAG ACADEMY.

Ever since debuting with “Chinatown” in 2017, Chow Mane has created and curated a recognizable and diverse discography thus far; with multiple collaborations with other rappers and producers such as weswes, Mr. Hong, Sawhee, Zuma, and Yung Jae. Chow Mane clearly enjoys experimenting with different sounds, ranging from melodic and thoughtful to upbeat pop. 

The single itself is a bumpy, vibey rap track that highlights the often overlooked influence of Asian culture on the West Coast. Utilizing the iconic EDM song, “Satisfaction,” Chow Mane’s collaboration with rapper Dane Amar also uses a sample from Japanese producer, Zuma. Chow Mane’s deep vocals contrast well with Dane Amar’s lighter, more flowing vocals. 

An Out-Of-This-World Music Video

The edgy music video is a freaky, out-of-this-world accompaniment to the single. Starting out with Chow Mane getting abducted by four party aliens, the video takes a turn when he gets tied up with Amar, joining in with his verse. They eventually spend the rest of the night partying with the aliens at the club to the catchy “WHAT’S MY NAME”.

With fast-paced editing and an interesting storyline, the music video is also on theme with another popular horror story about aliens hitting the theaters last month: NOPE. Jordan Peele and Chow Mane have officially made this the summer of the intergalactic. 

Watch the new music video for “WHAT’S MY NAME” here, and check out more incredible videos on our Alchemical Multigenre Mixdown on YouTube and incredible music Spotify

Margaret Adams, Contributing Writer at Alchemical Records

Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams is a Psychology major and Rhetoric and Writing minor at The Catholic University of America from New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to her work with Alchemical, she writes for CUA’s student newspaper, The Tower, and has recently been named Quill Editor. She enjoys reading, writing, and looking at pictures of her dog, Bella.

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