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Check Out Greya’s New Track “Thrive”

Greya is young, but she isn’t green. The Philadelphia native began studying singing in earnest at 9, picked up the guitar at 10, and started writing by 11. “From the time I can remember, I thought, I’m going to be a singer,” Greya says. “I was so confident and into it. It wasn’t a matter of if. It was when.” Odds have never really been a match for Greya. She and her twin sister were born deaf, and while both girls regained hearing at about two-months-old, Greya’s appreciation and pursuit of sound can’t help but be shaped in part by the realization that for her, it almost didn’t exist at all. “I think about it sometimes––if my hearing hadn’t developed, I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do now,” she says. “I feel very lucky. Everything I love to do is centered around listening.”

Anchored in her crystalline vocals and earnest writing, Greya’s early demos opened doors. As a teen, she collaborated with heavy hitters including Sacha Skarbek (Adele, Lana Del Ray), Jasper Leak (Sia), Flo Reuter (Sigrid), and more. 

Some of her favorite memories growing up were spending Summers in Maine, and beginning in the fall of 2018, she chose a similarly remote local to record free of distraction on a farm studio outside of Charlottesville, VA. She has since recorded a standout round of original pop songs that led to shows at SXSW, The Cannes Film Festival and other highlight performances. 

Her newest track is called, “Thrive” and the production is some of the most impressive we’ve heard in a while. The vocals also really stick out to us, and we see why she is called a “Captivating Pop Songstress”. 

Greya had this to say about the track:

“I wrote Thrive about a one sided relationship. The love interest is really the quintessential egomaniac, just in it for the validation he’s getting from the girl. She just wants clarity and to feel like the effort she’s putting in is mutual, but like so many relationships, she’s getting used for how she makes him feel. It’s kind of a merry-go-round of “I’ll do what I need to to keep you around, but not enough to make this healthy”.

Check out the track below. 

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