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Ani Cordero Tackles Gentrification of Puerto Rico in Music Video

Ani Cordero sits behind a large green table and a green backdrop wearing a frilly pink dress and looking calmly into the camera. Her hands rest on the table along with a few plants.

More to Watch Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Ani Cordero, won’t do what you tell her in her latest single, “No Me Da La Fokin’ Gana (I Don’t Fokin’ Feel Like It).” Ani Cordero – Photo by Steph Segarra Fresh off her new album, Anamores, its a break-up song that Cordero says, “I could try to untangle […]

Superbloom Goes Nuclear in Music Video for “Tiny Bodyguard”

Black and white colored photo of the four band members of Superbloom standing against the metal fence of an outdoor basketball court.

More to Watch Brooklyn-based alternative rock band, Superbloom, take it slow and cautious with their latest single “Tiny Bodyguard.” Superbloom band – Photo courtesy of the artist Bringing a mix of synth pop and indie rock vibes, this is a song that seems to float and flow with ease. Gentle vocals and arpeggiated guitar chords […]

Perro Sombra Take a Psychedelic Turn with “Algoritmos”

Album art for "Algoritmos" featuring a police officer with a giant dog mask/helmet standing outside of a brick building by a crosswalk.

More to Watch DMV-based Hispanic American rock band, Perro Sombra, bring on distorted psychedelia with the music video for their latest single “Algoritmos.” Perro Sombra “Algoritmos” album art Directed by Emmy-award-winner, Nestor Bravo, the video showcases a world policed by officers in large, off-putting dog masks (very fitting given the band’s name). We move between […]

La Faute Comes for “The Crown” in Frosty New Song

La Faute - "The Crown" album art

More to Watch Toronto’s mysterious, brooding La Faute has crawled from the depths to deliver a third taste of her first-ever LP Blue Girl Nice Day. La Faute – “The Crown” album art Peggy Messing’s recently-unveiled solo project intends to envelop “themes of surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire” into her songcraft. Released […]

Crystal Joilena Channels the Divine with New Single, ‘The High Priestess’

Crystal Joilena promo photo for "The High Priestess"

More to Watch On June 2, New York-based alt-metal artist Crystal Joilena released her latest single, “The High Priestess.” Crystal Joilena – Photo courtesy of the Artist. On June 2, New York-based alt-metal artist Crystal Joilena released “The High Priestess,” a majestic, enthralling track that explores what it means to connect with your higher self […]

Versus The World Picks Up The Pieces: “Goin’ Out For Smokes”

5 bandmates are gathered and smiling towards the camera while standing in front of a drum kit against a black backdrop.

More to Watch Santa Barbara-based post-punk band, Versus The World, work on picking up the pieces with their latest single “Goin’ Out For Smokes.” Versus The World – Photo courtesy of the artist The single is accompanied by a one-shot music video of singer Donald Spence waking up and stumbling across the shoreline of a […]

Mostafa Returns Home with “Butter الزبدة”

Album art for "Butter" featuring Mostafa wearing a black shirt, glasses, and a black, backwards baseball cap while standing on a deck in Cairo with buildings, trees, and mountains in the background.

More to Watch Egyptian American emcee, Mostafa, seeks to reconnect with his roots in his latest single “Butter الزبدة” featuring production by longtime friend and collaborator, The Don Avelar. Mostafa – Butter – Album Art Along with the single comes a new music video filmed internationally in a variety of locations from Mostafa’s recent personal […]

Yasser Tejeda Sings the Praises of Women in “Tú Ere’ Bonita”

Man laughs while looking away away from the camera wearing a white shirt and sunglasses while sitting in a black chair against a blue wall with a sunbeam streaked across it.

More to Watch Afro-Carribbean artist and composer, Yasser Tejeda, is celebrating the release of his new album, La Madrugá, with calm, bouncing grooves of the new single “Tú Ere’ Bonita.” Yasser Tejeda press photo – Courtesy of the artist He uses this song as an opportunity to turn his focus and praise towards the beauty, […]

Ryan Hamilton Brings Out a Sassy Guest in Music Video for “A$$HOLE”

Mustached, long haired man looks into the camera wearing a big rimmed hat, gray blazer, and a button up shirt.

More to Watch Texas-based alternative rocker, Ryan Hamilton, seems to have fun demonstrating the inherent nature of badgers (literally) with the music video for his latest single “A$$HOLE.” Photo courtesy of Ryan Hamilton If anyone just had flashbacks to the viral video “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” and the hilarious trademark catchphrase “honey badger don’t […]

DMV-based Singer-Songwriter Rachel Burns Isn’t Taking Any More “Mansplainin’”

"Mansplainin'"-Rachel Burns music video thumbnail

More to Watch Rachel Burns has recently released a new single and video, “Mansplainin’” –  illuminating “the dilemma of women everywhere”. Pop/Soul Singer-Songwriter Rachel Burns is a Washington D.C.-based artist who has recently released a new relatable single and video, “Mansplainin’” –  “a fun, upbeat soul song that illuminates the dilemma of women everywhere: having […]