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Grammy Award Updates – Lead Into Gold

Lead Into Gold Event Banner featuring members of the Alchemical Records Team. New episodes of Lead Into Gold are broadcast monthly.

More to Watch Grammy Award updates affecting the 65th Annual Grammy Awards are the topic of today’s Lead Into Gold with the Alchemical Records team. This was our first ever live episode of the web series / podcast (in waiting) streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. We discussed the contents of an update published on where five […]

Lead Into Gold – Episode 4 – with Massimo Zaru-Roque

Massimo Zaru Roque Episode 4 LIG YouTube Thumbnail

Todays guest, Massimo Zaru-Roque, is an Audio Recording and Mixing Engineer, specializing in On-Site and Remote Live Recording. Massimo has spent years in the D.C. and Northern VA music community, getting his start studying at George Mason University and recording audition videos and recitals with Music Performance students. He has also worked recording both Jazz and Rock Bands during live performances at venues including Twins Jazz and Epicure Cafe. Massimo provides both Audio Recording and basic Video Recording, alongside the ability to provide professional Videographers on special request.

Lead Into Gold – Episode 3 – with Annie Elise of Nettwerk Music Group


Today’s guest, Annie Elise, is a New York City-based electronic artist inspired by her synesthesia [SIN-ISH-THEE-SH-UH]. Often referred to as a “conductor of color,” she is a classically trained violinist and producer who creates music that produces colors she wants to see. Recently, Annie was tapped to join Nettwerk Music Group’s A&R Team to increase representation of women in the industry. Nettwerk Music Group is one of world’s largest independent record labels, credited with helping to launch the careers of fan favorites, including Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, and Angus & Julia Stone. We are excited to have Annie join us to discuss her career, women in music, and more.

Lead Into Gold – Episode 2 – with DMV Music Alliance


This month’s guests are Dave Mallen and Dani Weymouth of DMV Music Alliance. The DMV Music Alliance is a Washington D.C.-based grassroots non-profit committed to uniting and serving the needs of the thousands of artists and industry professionals across Suburban Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. As the first area organization of its kind, the Alliance provides educational, networking, and financial resources to local music professionals and creates and supports strong community-based initiatives, positioning the DMV to be celebrated as a vibrant, nationally recognized music scene.

Lead Into Gold – Episode 1 – with Ricky Munoz of Moonlight Booking


This month’s guest is Ricky Munoz of Moonlight Booking, booking DIY shows in Northern Virginia for local, regional, and touring bands of all genres!

Alchemical Records presents Lead Into Gold, a monthly global web series featuring music industry professionals and advocates impacting local and international music communities and creative industries.

Arvind Venugopal – Fire and Ice

Arvind Venugopal on Alchemicast with Andy Reed

Arvind Venugopal of Carnatic Fusion band TVAMEVA (meaning ‘You Are’ in Sanskrit) and host of the “Empathy Speak with Arvind Venugopal” podcast joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to explore Arvind’s music influences ranging from the traditional music of India to modern American electronic and pop music, and how TVAMEVA brings them together to achieve the band’s unique offering to the World Music genre providing them the opportunity to perform on BBC, be featured on Art Across America presented by The Kennedy Center, and their full-length studio album, “Upakrama – The Beginning”, having been a finalist in the 2020 Washington Music Association Awards (WAMMIES).

When not diving into Arvind’s songwriting & composition process and production style, how his band was formed, and his experiences as an artist representing the Washington DC metropolitan area, he talks about producing a number of music videos for the band and participates in another segment of “This or That” where we find why Arvind chooses a basketball game with LeBron James over a workout with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Josh Finver of Black Dog Prowl: The Heart of Creative Culture

Alchemicast: with Andy Reed - Episode 22 - Josh Finver of Black Dog Prwl

Josh Finver of Black Dog Prowl joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to discuss his May 2021 heart attack caused by a massive blood clot that seemed to have formed without any explanation. Aside from celebrating that Josh is still among the living to enjoy his family, band, and continue to explore his creative endeavors, his appearance as a guest on the show is an opportunity for Josh to catch fans up on what Black Dog Prowl has been working on since their last live show with Candlebox and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on October 19, 2020. The largest undertaking was a reimagining of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band through collaboration with Crossover.TV and over forty musicians from the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia region.

Ting Lin – International Influences and Expressions

Ting Lin on Episode 20 of Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Ting Lin is a multilingual multigenre experimental pop-fusion artist with a passion for fashion and Zumba. A trained pianist and vocalist, she enjoys exploring blending international influences both musically and lyrically, with broad influences which began with exploring her Chinese heritage along with her time living on both coasts of the United States.

Ting joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to talk about the inspirations and songwriting methodology behind songs like “Te Quiero” (“I Love You”) about a long-distance relationship with Spanish guitar instrumentation and lyrics that remind you of a classic Latin love song. She also has written songs in Cantonese (“Dream Chaser) and in Mandarin (“NvWoRen”).

Eric Scott – Modern Soul Mindset

Modern soul artist, singer/songwriter, and bassist from Washington, DC, Eric Scott joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to talk about his long-awaited fifth full-length studio album, “Peace Bomb”. The 16 Wammie Awards Eric has received show the local love for his 70’s inspired vibes inspired by modern pop, classic soul, and gospel. You can hear Eric’s influences on his latest record, including James Brown; Marvin Gaye; Otis Redding; Sam Cook; Stevie Wonder; and Earth, Wind, and Fire. His revealing and emotional lyrical content seeks to lift up our social consciousness while uplifting the listener and bringing awareness of ways to better navigate our shared existence.

The J.O.B. – Transmutation Transmission

Jim, Jason, Jared, and Brian join Andy Reed for another exciting episode of Alchemicast! This RVA (Richmond, VA) rock and roll quartet has experienced recent lineup adjustments and is feeling perfectly fine with the evolution of the sound and experience The J.O.B. has transmuted into. The band talks about why wine is like 4 Loko for adults, the unique sound that comes from an eclectic array of influences, why having a great producer and audio engineer is such an integral part of the quality of their recorded and live audio; which has resulted in radio airplay across multiple markets throughout the country, making them Virginia’s ‘Top 40’ Charting Independent Band.