Glory Never Comes by The J.O.B.

“Glory Never Comes,” the new single from The J.O.B., shines a spotlight on the post-war plight of over 37,878 veterans sleeping on the sidewalks of America every night. It’s a song about an important societal failure aiming to be heard by those influencers who can make ending veteran homelessness a priority. Combining a triumphant arrangement of rock and roll instrumentation, it is off the upcoming album, Highway of Shadows, produced by Rich Stine (Head & the Heart), out November 9.

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The J.O.B. founder, Jim O’Ferrell, wrote “Glory Never Comes” with a purpose extremely close to his own soul. Many of the soldiers who come home after serving active duty do not have the proper avenues in place to adjust back to normal everyday life. Some even find themselves living on the streets they fought to protect. O’Ferrell explains, “These are men and women who answered the call of duty and served our country honorably. They returned home and ultimately found themselves with no place to go. They live in the shadows along the periphery of our paths. This song is sung from the perspective of one of those veterans. It’s a first-person rock ballad aiming to connect with those veterans who need to hear a voice like their own, and a song with their story.”

New Yeller’s Album: Pandora’s Regrets

New Yeller’s song Pandora’s Regrets, the title track from New Yeller’s album, has a great bossa nova beat, strong lead vocals, and intricate lyrics.

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Maryjo Mattea’s The Other Side

Lots of people dream of quitting their jobs and leaving home in pursuit of adventure and enlightenment. “The Other Side” tells the story of one individual who actually went through with it and “left it all behind.” The song’s shifts between major and minor keys and it’s unconventional, jagged rhythmic structure have garnered comparisons to Radiohead, but Mattea’s powerful and distinctive vocals are what make the song really stand out. “The Other Side” also guest stars rapper, Cody Valentine, of the alternative hip hop group, Allthebestkids.


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