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Lauren Calve Experiences a “Shift” in Debut Album

Lauren Calve "Shift" album art

Recent Articles Maryland-based artist Lauren Calve has released her first single, “Shift” (May 26), from her upcoming debut album of the same name, to be released September 1. Lauren Calve “Shift” album art “Will it take me or break me under its weight? Will I take it and break away?” Calve sings in “Shift”. This […]

Friends and Amigos Has Us Hanging With the Cool Kids

"Sitting on Tables" single cover art- A person with headphones sitting on the table while empty chairs are available

Recent Articles Friends and Amigos (formerly Gabrielle Zwi and Friends) release a new anthem for those that do not feel like a cool kid, “Sitting On Tables.” Friends and Amigos “Sitting on Tables” album art New DMV-based genre nonconforming four-piece band, Friends and Amigos, released their debut single, “Sitting on Tables,” on April 21st. As […]

Jane’s Party deliver lounge and feel-good rock in new single “Ships On An Ocean”

Hand drawn cover art for "Ships On An Ocean" featuring two boats floating on an ocean of water set in outerspace with the moon and stars prominently featured in the background.

Recent Articles Toronto-based alternative rockers, Jane’s Party, move between lounge act and feel-good rock with their latest single “Ships On An Ocean.” Jane’s Party “Ships On An Ocean” album art With the verses, they seem to do their best impression of Arctic Monkey’s more recent sound as they bring a bluer, jazzier tint to this […]

Liam MacKenzie & the Moondogs Look Towards a Summer Horizon with “Circle On The Sun”

Four bandmates sit on a small set of stairs front of a door to a big white building.

Recent Articles Vancouver-based country and classic rock aficionados, Liam MacKenzie & the Moondogs concoct the perfect summer jam with their latest single “Circle On The Sun.” Liam MacKenzie and the Moondogs – Photo courtesy of the artist With stacked guitar tones, anthemic choruses, and classic synths, it’s a song that comes ready made for any […]

Maty Noyes Writes an Epilogue to an Anti-Hero in “Lighter Thief”

A close up of a two people laying down and holding on to each others arms and legs while wearing white shirts and black shorts with visible matching ligther tattoos.

Recent Articles LA-based singer-songwriter, Maty Noyes, puts on her melancholy indie folk hat for her latest single “Lighter Thief.” Maty Noyes – “Lighter Thief” album art Stripped down to the essentials of guitar and vocals, there’s an immediate sense of intimacy that comes through the song’s soft croon. There’s plenty of hurt to go around […]

Kendyle Paige is a Musical Chameleon in “Ladybird”

Woman in white lingerie sits on a brown couch in front of a multi-colored background while she looks away from the camera with her hand resting on her belly.

Recent Articles Electro pop musician, Kendyle Paige, wears many hats as she moves from genre to genre on her latest album Ladybird. Kendyle Paige – “Ladybird” album art There’s a gradual build in energy as the album progresses from slower R&B style ballads (“BullsEye”) to funky bouncing pop tracks (“Seasons Change”), and even takes hairpin […]

Indie-Pop Duo Nick & June Release “Cinematic” New EP “Beach Baby, Baby”

"Beach Baby, Baby" EP cover art

Recent Articles Suzie-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf comprise Nick & June, an independent dream-pop duo from Nuremberg, Germany, who have recently released their newest EP, Beach Baby, Baby (May 12). This comes after the release of singles “Anything But Time”, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, “Lip Sync to Love Songs”, their cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help […]

“It’s a Wave” Announces 17-Track The Return of Dayvd Beach LP

The album art for "It's a Wave" by Dayvd Beach portrays beams of light project downward from the sun, into and through the surface and depths of a large body of water.

Recent Articles The Return of Dayvd Beach is happening in a big way. Having released his debut single with Hyattsville, MD-based record label Growroom Productions in 2020, and having sated us with remixes and new singles since, we admittedly didn’t feel Dayvd had really left us. Dayvd Beach “It’s a Wave” album artwork Still, it […]

Last Second Save Looks for Love from and Gives Love to “Baltimore”

Digital artwork with 2D perspective of Baltimore-style landmarks including housing, a suspension bridge, and industrial buildings

Recent Articles Last Second Save, the Brainchild of Jesse Procaccini of Annapolis, MD, celebrates “Baltimore,” in New Single Featuring Ben DeHan. Last Second Save “Baltimore” album art Produced by Will Beasley and Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer) and featuring a guest vocal performance by fellow local pop-punk icon Ben DeHan (American Diary), […]

ISHAN Starts with ‘Hello’ in New Romantic Single

Official cover art for "Hello" by ISHAN

Recent Articles Australian, Indian, Swiss, and Spanish singer-songwriter ISHAN released his latest single, “Hello” on May 2. On May 2, Australian, Indian, Swiss, and Spanish singer-songwriter ISHAN released his latest single, “Hello,” which he describes as a “romantic, feel-good pop song about having twenty seconds of insane courage.” Characteristic of the emerging artist’s signature style, […]