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Witty Banter is One for the Books

Orange side profile cutout of Rachel on a paper that used to be crumbled up with "WITTY BANTER" in big, black font with "RACHEL LEVITIN" in smaller black font underneath

Recent Articles March 21st. A day that I will always think of amazing album releases. DC-based musician, producer, and singer-songwriter, Rachel Levitin, released Witty Banter on her 37th birthday. Witty Banter is a 12-song pop-rock collection inspired by a series of events spread over nearly a dozen years recounting a journey of self-discovery while growing […]

Bailly Castillo Releases Girl Anthem, “Over It”

Bailly Castillo - "Over It" album artwork

Recent Articles 24-year-old R&B/Pop singer, songwriter, and performer, Bailly Castillo of southeastern Virginia released her debut single, “Over It” in January 2024. Bailly says she was “Influenced by icons such as Ariana Grande, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Ciara,” describing her sound as a modern mix of 90s/00s R&B and Pop. Like many of her […]

Shelly Star and the Galaxy Journey to Jammin Java

Shelley Star and the Galaxy performing on stage in space themed outfits.

Recent Articles Shelley Star and the Galaxy celebrate the release of their forthcoming album with a special performance alongside BUKO BUKO and Ari Voxx at Jammin Java on February 4. This won’t be the band’s first time appearing on the Jammin Java stage, however; they were awarded second place in Band Battle #25 at the […]

Broke Royals Dream Big with New EP

Broke Royals posing on a couch. Photo by Aaro Keipi

Recent Articles Take “One Look” at Broke Royals and their newest single heralding their forthcoming January 26 EP, Big Dream. Broke Royals headline a special release show with local support by Milo In The Doldrums and Dear Daria at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, DC, on January 27. Featuring the vocal stylings of Rebecca Basnight, […]

“Wind The Clock” with Brian K & The Parkway

Brian K. & The Parkway "Wind The Clock" album art depicting a guitar amplifier in the middle of the forest surrounded by Fall foilage.

Recent Articles Brian K. Pagels and Stephen Russ, the DC-area duo that make up Brian K & The Parkway released their debut single, “Wind The Clock” on January 12. The pair will release their debut album, Killing the Bear, on March 29, 2024 alongside the launch of their upcoming tour that begins the night of […]

Eliza Tebo, Wandering Bird Release New Year Music

Wandering Bird logo/artwork depicting a greyscale bird amidst a black background

Recent Articles Wammie-winning vocalist, Eliza Tebo wished 2023 a final goodbye with the December 31st release of the emotive new single, “Me and the Sun.”  This newest single is Eliza’s second single released with Washington D.C. record label Wandering Bird Records, the first being a haunting rendition of the Joni Mitchell Christmas ballad “River” released […]

Unity for the Outcasts Explore the “Space in your Heart”

Unity for the Outcasts "Space in your Heart" album art, depicting a spatial event of swirling stars and universes resonating in purple, red, and hues of orange.

Recent Articles Hokay, buckle up, because Unity for the Outcasts (or UFTO for short) are about to take you on a ride all the way through the “Space in your Heart.” The band’s newest single was released on December 29, 2023 just in time for all those New Year thoughts and reflections. It’s a thumper; […]

Newcomer Holiday Death Tribute Drops Nostalgic “Practice”

A black and white sketch of a crudely drawn man playing the piano with an angel looking over his shoulder.

Recent Articles The D.C.-Based indie punk band releases their first track, “Practice” on November 3rd. For those of us missing the distinct 90s punk rock sound, get ready for Holiday Death Tribute. With a sound that is similar to Green Day and Jimmy Eat World, Holiday Death Threat is already looking at establishing themselves in […]

“Shift” by Lauren Calve is a Folk Country Treat

Lauren Calve is looking at her reflection in a red room. The mirror is ornate with twisted metal all around her.

More to Watch Lauren Calve released her debut album “Shift” September 1st. She performs at Elkton Music Hall in Elkton, MD on November 17. Calve’s first album is a folksy contemplation of her life in quarantine. Through the ten tracks on the album, she spends time dissecting her life figuring out what is good and […]

DC’s M4TR Plans to Bring the Retrofuture to The Renegade VA

An image of M4TR with a neon background, promoting their upcoming show at The Renegade VA on December 14th.

Recent Articles Join M4TR in the Retrofuture for an electrifying 3+ hours of rebellious dance-rock vibes on Thursday, December 14, at The Renegade VA. See M4TR at The Renegade VA on December 14. An acronym for “Music 4 The Revolution,” DC’s rebellious dance rock band M4TR come from the “Retrofuture,” where the boundaries between genres […]