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In Her New Single “Giving It Up,” JONES Knows Exactly What She Wants

Cherie Jones, known by her stage name JONES, has a new music video out for her song It is as eclectic and striking as she is.

JONES is an expert in the acoustic R&B track. She released her debut album New Skin in 2016 and many acoustic EPs since then. This new single is one of her first full-production releases in a while, although there’s an acoustic version of “Giving it Up” on 2018’s London EP. On she strips down the song, especially on the bridge, and the stripped-down quality matches the vulnerability in the lyrics.

Listen to Jonny Glenn’s Newest Track, “Don’t Wanna Let You Down”

Jonny Glenn is music’s newest pop-rock showman sent straight from the stars. Born from a cosmic fusion of John Lennon’s lyrical genius & astronaut John Glenn’s intrepid bravery for mankind, Jonny Glenn’s mission is to send us Earthlings on a psychedelic journey to reach new horizons with cosmic stage theatrics.

Exclusive Stone Driver Interview

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