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Ben DeHan – New Nostalgia

Alchemicast Episode 24 with Ben DeHan

Hailing from Odenton, MD between Baltimore and Washington DC, Ben DeHan has a pop-fusion sound similar to the Angels and Airwaves and Camino. Ben talks with Andy about his recent release, “Waiting For You”, and the music he makes with his fiance Lauren White, a songwriter and cellist, which includes Ben’s latest single, “Oxon Hill” about another local spot within the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Ben talks about his history as a touring musician as well as local influences and inspirations like Fugazi, Black Flag, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Good Charlotte, Bumpin; Uglies, All Time Low, and Ben’s former band, American Diary. Ben talks about his songwriting and production leading to his comparisons to Blink 182 and Machine Gun Kelly.

Andy introduces Ben to another “This or That” segment where he must choose between Old Bay or Sour Cream & Onion, Aqua or ABBA, Fender or Gibson, Shrek 2 or Toy Story 2, and KFC or McDonald’s.

You can hear more music by Ben DeHan when New Nostalgia Releases on September 24, but people can get it now for $5 here:

Velu Ochoa – A Masterful Fusion

Velu Ochoa of DeSanguashington on Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Velu Ochoa is the lead vocalist for DeSanguashington, a Colombian American band from Washington D.C, that fuses traditional Colombian folk music with rock and pop. The band likes to create opportunities for fans to experience the music and learn more about the culture of Latin music. She talks about her transition from Colombia to the United States, joining DeSanguashington, and contributing to the continued growth of the band which would provide opportunities to perform at The Kennedy Center, Howard Theater, and with The Smithsonian. The band would also be the recipient of the 2021 Washington Area Music Award (or Wammie) for Best Latin Artist/Group.

Velu shares DeSanguashington’s collaborative songwriting process with fellow band members Richard and Dan, recording music at American University. She shares how the band prioritizes lyrics, melody, and percussion to achieve a modern vibe blended with sounds that are rooted in Salsa, Champeta, and Merengue. Velu joins Andy for another edition of “This or That” and why coffee is preferred over Red Bull, shares her personal musical influences, and what it means to her to be a musician representing the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region.

Arvind Venugopal – Fire and Ice

Arvind Venugopal on Alchemicast with Andy Reed

Arvind Venugopal of Carnatic Fusion band TVAMEVA (meaning ‘You Are’ in Sanskrit) and host of the “Empathy Speak with Arvind Venugopal” podcast joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to explore Arvind’s music influences ranging from the traditional music of India to modern American electronic and pop music, and how TVAMEVA brings them together to achieve the band’s unique offering to the World Music genre providing them the opportunity to perform on BBC, be featured on Art Across America presented by The Kennedy Center, and their full-length studio album, “Upakrama – The Beginning”, having been a finalist in the 2020 Washington Music Association Awards (WAMMIES).

When not diving into Arvind’s songwriting & composition process and production style, how his band was formed, and his experiences as an artist representing the Washington DC metropolitan area, he talks about producing a number of music videos for the band and participates in another segment of “This or That” where we find why Arvind chooses a basketball game with LeBron James over a workout with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Josh Finver of Black Dog Prowl: The Heart of Creative Culture

Alchemicast: with Andy Reed - Episode 22 - Josh Finver of Black Dog Prwl

Josh Finver of Black Dog Prowl joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to discuss his May 2021 heart attack caused by a massive blood clot that seemed to have formed without any explanation. Aside from celebrating that Josh is still among the living to enjoy his family, band, and continue to explore his creative endeavors, his appearance as a guest on the show is an opportunity for Josh to catch fans up on what Black Dog Prowl has been working on since their last live show with Candlebox and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on October 19, 2020. The largest undertaking was a reimagining of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band through collaboration with Crossover.TV and over forty musicians from the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia region.

Ting Lin – International Influences and Expressions

Ting Lin on Episode 20 of Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Ting Lin is a multilingual multigenre experimental pop-fusion artist with a passion for fashion and Zumba. A trained pianist and vocalist, she enjoys exploring blending international influences both musically and lyrically, with broad influences which began with exploring her Chinese heritage along with her time living on both coasts of the United States.

Ting joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to talk about the inspirations and songwriting methodology behind songs like “Te Quiero” (“I Love You”) about a long-distance relationship with Spanish guitar instrumentation and lyrics that remind you of a classic Latin love song. She also has written songs in Cantonese (“Dream Chaser) and in Mandarin (“NvWoRen”).

Dior Ashley Brown – The Pinnacle of DC Music on Alchemicast

Dior Ashley Brown joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Without a doubt, Dior Ashley Brown’s is one of Washington D.C.’s driving creative forces. Her accomplishments as a solo artist alone would be enough to cover in one episode of Alchemicast: with Andy Reed. However, this member of DC area super group, Iza Flo, is also the founder of local music business education platform, DC Music Summit, a local nonprofit hosting an annual event put together by an incredible team of volunteers and hoping to offer more value to DMV musicians in 2021.

Join this multifaceted artist and entrepreneur as she discusses influences, Hollywood, food, Nipsey Hussle, why she prefers wine over beer, how some indoor concert venues have been opening up their parking lots for outdoor events to keep business alive, and so much more…including another installment of “This or That?” Tune in as she so beautifully describes what it is like to be an artist and represent the DMV area.

Eric Scott – Modern Soul Mindset

Modern soul artist, singer/songwriter, and bassist from Washington, DC, Eric Scott joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed to talk about his long-awaited fifth full-length studio album, “Peace Bomb”. The 16 Wammie Awards Eric has received show the local love for his 70’s inspired vibes inspired by modern pop, classic soul, and gospel. You can hear Eric’s influences on his latest record, including James Brown; Marvin Gaye; Otis Redding; Sam Cook; Stevie Wonder; and Earth, Wind, and Fire. His revealing and emotional lyrical content seeks to lift up our social consciousness while uplifting the listener and bringing awareness of ways to better navigate our shared existence.

Sunstoney – Individualized Exposé

Sunstoney is a Virginia-based songwriter and experimental lo-fi/R&B producer who released her nine-song debut album, “In Your Apartment” on February 12, 2021, exploring concepts around themes of love, depression, melancholy memories, and soft nostalgia. Sunstoney joins Andy Reed on the Alchemicast to talk about her favorite artists and influences from around the DMV region and the culture and community that makes it easy to feel at home in the Washington DC area. She doesn’t make alternative or indie music but she finds herself mingling in those circles in DC and in Richmond. She enjoys photographing bands and contributes to a local zine called Paper Jam.

The J.O.B. – Transmutation Transmission

Jim, Jason, Jared, and Brian join Andy Reed for another exciting episode of Alchemicast! This RVA (Richmond, VA) rock and roll quartet has experienced recent lineup adjustments and is feeling perfectly fine with the evolution of the sound and experience The J.O.B. has transmuted into. The band talks about why wine is like 4 Loko for adults, the unique sound that comes from an eclectic array of influences, why having a great producer and audio engineer is such an integral part of the quality of their recorded and live audio; which has resulted in radio airplay across multiple markets throughout the country, making them Virginia’s ‘Top 40’ Charting Independent Band.

Amulet – Darkly Inclined

Stephanie Stryker and MJ Phoenix join Andy Reed on the Alchemicast to discuss writing, recording, and releasing their 16 track dark alternative rock debut album, “House of Black + White”. Their debut single, “Vampire” expresses some of their gothic-centric themes, but only scratches the surface. Stephanie and MJ discuss their shared passion for glam-rock and artists like David Bowie who use the stage theatrically and not just musically. They share their songwriting process and how they come together to write new material and sharing production with Devin Spear of Exhale Recording Studio in Northern Virginia, with session musician duties from contributors in Nashville and elsewhere around the U.S. Amulet is working on onboarding and practicing with DC, MD, VA musicians in anticipation of their first official live public performance scheduled for early 2022.