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Casey Shirin Drops an Electric New Track , “Can’t Hold On”

by The Alchemist

Casey Shirin (17) is a young artist torn between two worlds.

Her roots are still in New Zealand while she is growing up in a small town, far away from her beloved endless coasts on another continent. Only the future seems to know where she really belongs.

Only when the right, meaningful and honest lyrics come together with a truly unique musical expression this chemical reaction of creating real art stands a chance. With “Can’t Hold On” Casey Shirin releases a first sneak peak of such a special symbiosis into the wide world between anywhere and the beautiful coasts of her very own New Zealand. The song is produced by Quarterhead who worked for and with artists like Ofenbach, Zak Abel, Benjamin Ingrosso, The Black Eyed Peas, LUM!X and many more.

This song brings a ton of energy, and immediately makes you think of past loves, and reminisce on some of the best times in life. While the alluring synths in the background complement Casey’s vocals in the verse, the hook brings in some incredibly catchy lyrics to take the song to the next level. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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