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Broke Royals Dream Big with New EP

Take “One Look” at Broke Royals and their newest single heralding their forthcoming January 26 EP, Big Dream. Broke Royals headline a special release show with local support by Milo In The Doldrums and Dear Daria at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, DC, on January 27.

Featuring the vocal stylings of Rebecca Basnight, keyboardist for Broke Royals, “One Look” seems to exist in the places where vintage jazz lounge music and The Black Keys might meet. The EP also features Broke Royals bassist Taimir Gore on the downtempo country-inspired track “Toasted Almond.” It’s the first we’re all hearing these voices on a Broke Royals Recording, as that particular duty has fallen to guitarist and primary vocalist Philip Basnight. Does this suggest we might hear the voices of drummer Colin Cross and guitarist Ben Wilson on the next EP? *fingerscrossedemoji

In addition to the title track itself, “Big Dream,” a pop punk inspired indie banger, the five-song EP will also feature mellow rocker, “No Time For Love,” and a cover of the 2001 ballad, “Is This It,” by The Strokes.

Broke Royals received significant critical acclaim for their third studio album, Local Support, working with producer Bartees Strange. The Big Dream EP continues to highlight the band’s creativity and versatility, opening a door to just about any sound Broke Royals is inspired to share with us next. 

Visit the Broke Royals website to learn more about the band or find links to connect. Be sure to see them at Songbyrd on January 27 for your own personal experience with one of the best live bands in DC according to CBS, and yours truly.

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