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Bottled Up, Versing and Froth at Comet Ping Pong

Bottled Up and Froth Play Comet Ping Pong July 2.

Bottled Up is a DC rock and roll quintet growing its roots from new-wave, 70’s rock, and punk ethos. Founded in Oakland, CA by Nikhil Rao (former Kid Quazar, Seasick!, Soft Fuxx, and Shari La La’s), he restarted the project with a new line-up of local DC musicians. They just put out their energetic lo-fi punk EP on cassette with Chicago garage/experimental label Maximum Pelt Records, and were christened by Ian MacKaye himself at Fort Reno Festival 2017. Next release titled “BU2” releasing July 2018.

Froth are a band specializing in dream-like, psychedelic pop with indie rock guitar figures, though at one point they were briefly planning on making silence their game. Joo Joo Ashworth and Jeff Fribourg were two friends from El Segundo, California with a passion for music and a sense of humor, and they dreamed up Froth as a fake band, planning to send out publicity photos and tales of their adventures on the road without actually performing a note.


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