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Bonze Relies on Himself in New Music Video for ‘Self’

By Margaret Adams

Electro-pop artist Bonze has released a music video for his next single “Self.” The single precedes his upcoming debut album, and has been his sixth release since “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)” in 2018. 

The UK-based artist, whose name is Jack Reardon, continues to work as a psychotherapist, as well as a musician and singer-songwriter; influences from his work are clearly shown in the lyrics of his songs, especially this particular track. 

Don’t blame it on your mother

Don’t blame it on your father

Don’t blame your situation

You are your salvation

The aesthetic of the video is reminiscent of Tame Impala’s “The Slow Rush” era, as well as LANY with projections of the lyrics being lit up over human silhouettes; the visuals are incredible and an amazing complement to the driving nature of the song. The track itself is ultimately about taking life into your own hands instead of living for easy pleasures; Bonze explained how he wrote the track with a double meaning. 

“Firstly, the song is autobiographical as being a commentary on my ‘self’ and my struggle in tackling my own personal issues,” said Bonze. “Secondly, it is also a message to the listener to reflect on the instant-gratification nature of western society and how, instead of being seduced by other things to make one happy, they can instead rely on themselves. This narrative sets the stage for the sound and narrative of the upcoming album.”

Fans of Jai Paul, San Scout, and Charlie Puth should check out Bonze’s new single. “Self” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Follow our Alchemical Multigenre Mixdown playlist for more great music featured on the site.

Margaret Adams, Contributing Writer at Alchemical Records

Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams is a Psychology major and Rhetoric and Writing minor at The Catholic University of America from New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to her work with Alchemical, she writes for CUA’s student newspaper, The Tower, and has recently been named Quill Editor. She enjoys reading, writing, and looking at pictures of her dog, Bella.

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