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Blue Capricorn Explores Infatuation in “Palo Santo”

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Blue Capricorn has released a brand new single called “PALO SANTO,” teasing audience with a taste of his upcoming EP, ¡AYÚDAME!

A portrait shot of musical artist Blue Capricorn
Alternative/indie singer/songwriter Blue Capricorn. Photo courtesy of Desiree Ibañez.

Born Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin, Blue Capricorn is the Dallas-based Latinx musician’s stage name. Refusing to be held back by genre, his goal as an artist is to meld them in a harmonious and complementary style. An alternative track infused with plenty of electronic elements, his latest single, “PALO SANTO,” proves the success of this ambition.

Releasing his first song, “Anesthesia Num,” in 2019, Blue Capricorn is a striking up-and-coming alternative/indie artist. Coming from a musical background, he’s always known that music was his calling. “PALO SANTO” comes in preparation for his upcoming EP, ¡AYÚDAME!, out September 8, 2023.

Cover art for blue capricorn's upcoming single; a hand sticking out of water while holding a bouquet of roses.
The cover art for Blue Capricorn's upcoming EP. Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin.

Cultivated spontaneously when Blue Capricorn entered the studio without any lyrics, rhythms, or ideas in mind, the hook for “PALO SANTO” was recorded first, and the rest of the song took off from there. With his previous releases showing his minimalistic side, Blue Capricorn knew he wanted this track to be more complex. Teaming up with Michael Briggs, most of the instrumentation on “PALO SANTO” is composed of midi, samples, theremin, and vocals, illustrating the singer’s versatility in production.

“PALO SANTO” begins with a slow, steady drum. As the rest of the beat comes in, so do looped, distorted vocals, giving the song an ethereal vibe. Blue Capricorn switches things up on this release by opening up about infatuation and desire, exposing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Though previously avoiding such topics, he’s become more comfortable sharing them. While Blue Capricorn experiments with both sound and subject on “PALO SANTO,” lyrically, he continues the emotive storytelling that he’s become known for.

“PALO SANTO” is an innovative, remarkable release with an atmospheric ambiance that will leave listeners with chills. Be sure to check out Blue Capricorn’s EP, ¡AYÚDAME!, on September 8. If “PALO SANTO” is a glimpse into what’s in store, listeners won’t be disappointed.

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