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Blanket Approval Unveils New Single with Baltimore Friends

NYC-based groovy indie rock band Blanket Approval have been on tour in support of their brand new single, “Happy Alone, Pt. 2.” They performed with Moon By Moon and GIJI in Baltimore at Joe Squared at the end of June. Although we would have loved to have shone a light on their performance in time for you to catch the experience in person, the positive vibes continue to reverberate in the aftermath.

Blanket Approval "Happy Alone, Pt. 2" album art
Blanket Approval "Happy Alone, Pt. 2" album art

The connection celebration coincides with “Happy Alone, Pt 2,” a song that, in spite of deep, dark synth tones, expands and lifts into something uptempo and a little funky, with the band describing the natural evolution of the track:

“Happy Alone, Pt. 2 is our main-character, feel-yourself tune. Our drummer Joey and guitarist Jack share gentle vocal melodies about independence and joy over smooth synths and groovy guitar licks, before the track opens up into a hard rock guitar-driven bridge.”

The band also had a few choice words about their recent performance in Baltimore:

“[We] had an absolute blast with GIJI and Moon By Moon for our tour kickoff weekend!” exclaims Blanket Approval. “There was a great energy in the room, everyone felt like friends and that’s all thanks to Downsquares [the venue part of Joe Squared] and their community-centric focus. Can’t wait to come back!”

“Blanket Approval and Moon by Moon are some of the most special bands that have come through Baltimore in a while,” proclaims Giji. “Some of the nicest humans we’ve met out here. The show was the highest of energies and we were so excited to be a part of it!”

“We had an awesome time at Joe Squared,” acknowledges Moon By Moon, “and it was wonderful to see Blanket Approval and Giji. The audience seemed to really enjoy it. By the end of Giji’s set, everyone was dancing to the disco-style songs they played. It was a lot of fun!”

You can see Moon By Moon at Dowsquares again on July 22nd with Shady Bug and Power Washer.

Readers in New York City on July 22nd can find Blanket Approval hosting GIJI, for what we are told is their fest ever NYC performance. They’ll be sharing the stage at Arlene’s Grocery with Antilock and Sites.

“Happy Alone, Pt.2” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify and BandCamp.


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